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Our Nurseries strive on our children being outdoors as much as possible, we have a large spacious outdoor play space with a wide variety of toys and resources that inspire children's imaginations. We have sheltered play space and have water proof suits to ensure our children can play out no matter what the weather.

The health of our children is paramount, we work with external agencies and have received awards for food we serve our children at Little Foxes. We have recently won the Healthy business award and are continually monitoring and make improvements. We encourage our children to drink water throughout the day as well as with meals. Parents are encouraged to steer away from juices and sugary foods.

Every child is assigned a key person which is a member of staff that will work closely with the child and parent to ensure the child's individual needs are met, physically, emotionally, intellectually. Your child's key person will work with any other setting or agency your child may attend to ensure partnerships are developed for the benefit of your child.

Children's development is reviewed & referenced to the EYFS four times per year, Parents are invited in for parents evening twice annually & are given the chance to discuss in depth their child's progress & staff will prepare a report that summarizes their child's achievements over the previous months.

What we are about

Our children make use of local amenities where possible and with parental consent. The staff take the children to local parks, libraries and shops if it is related to a learning interest.

Our rooms are decorated and equipped with the ethos of being a home from home, we opt for calm natural colours. We decorate our display areas at children’s height with photographs of themselves. It is so the children feel more comfortable and calm, we have sofas, cushions and comfortable chairs for staff to give babies bottles, or for our older children to have a snuggle and read a book. The rooms are divided into areas which offer a large range experiences and resources for the children to access, we encourage to children to access all the areas and only have a small number of children in an area at a time, this increases learning and enjoyment for the children. Every child has individual bedding for sleep times, blanket and sheets which a kept in a labelled cotton bag and laundered as required.

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